AGIR Rolling Mill Inc. has been established in 1984 in steel & iron sector, a leading industry of Turkey.

While the initial foundation purpose of the company was to produce the patterned flat sheet but in the following years it has gained good reputation both in Turkey and in the countries of Europe and Middle East. As the necessity of these growths, it has also started to produce vast variety of products such as plain sheets, pipe sheets, profile sheets, form sheets, slitted band sheets, and cold pressing sheets. Brand name of our company leading in every product group manufactured by the world standards has also been awarded by the prestigious institutions. AGIR Rolling Mill Inc., becoming a global brand name both in Turkey and abroad with exporting more than 90 countries, has also adopted a new logo of AGIR GLOBAL incorporating its name with these backgrounds. Our company, declared as the 383rd company by ITO (Istanbul Chamber of Commerce) within the Top 500 Companies in 2014, has ranked the 2nd company in 2014 within the middle scale companies in 2014 for exporting its products to the most countries, and again it has additionally succeeded to become the 4th company within the category of most successful export companies.

Production at the world standards, door to door delivery

AGIR Rolling Mill Inc. has moved into the new premises constructed in Dilovasi region / Kocaeli city in 2010 in order to render higher quality and fast servicing, and has set the quality standards in this new premises into world standards after accumulation of quality conscious approaches over many years. We have been providing auto-control to our products by testing them with the best control practices in our laboratory established according to the requirements of international norms.

New Generation, Global and Innovative Approaches

AGIR Rolling Mill Inc., owing its growth thanks to the global inspirations, has embraced the innovative approaches always to go further. Our company facilitating the most modern financial instruments for our customer-oriented production and service concepts has brought awareness of the sincerity and the quality to the industry.

For the future...

AGIR Global creating value addition for Turkey and for the World has been proceeding to produce with appreciation of social values and environmental aspects. It shall continue to create the lasting values and to produce without comprising of its slogan values for the future as the company like,




Valuing the people

Appreciating advancement and innovation