AGIR Rolling Mill Inc. has been started the production in 1985 at its first factory in Akcakoca region of Duzce city.

Production concept of AGIR Rolling Mill Inc. for not compromising the quality and for honest manufacturer as it has developed right from the establishment of the company has bought the company into trustful brand name and provided its reputation known in the global world.

Ağır Haddecilik

Inter Metal Rebar Company has been established at the end of 2012 as a Turkish American joint venture.

Inter Metal Rebar Co is a group of companies engaged in steel industry. It has many investments in both production and trade of steel.


AGIR International has the 40 years of business experience in international steel industry and in the raw material trade.

AGIR International is positioned itself to be leader in the supply chain of the steel industry and in the marketing sphere of raw materials.

Ağır International

Kale Sac Company has been engaged in iron & steel business since 1985.

It has adopted the principle of providing highest customer satisfaction with the help of highly trained professional personnel by updating daily its experience and knowledge acquired over many years.

Kale Sac