AGIR GLOBAL in steel & iron industry as one of most valuable sectors of country has been established in 1980’s
where Turkey has been making development moves.

In the year of 1984:

The first factory has been established in Akcakoca region of Duzce city. It became the market leader in the patterned flat sheet by its factory designed to produce patterned flat sheets.

In the year of 2001:

The company has transformed into the possession of Acikalin Family from its multiple partnership structure. From this date onward, it has sustained the leader position with the continuation of growth in each passing year.

In the year of 2010:

It has started to manufacture at the new factory in Dilovasi region of Kocaeli city in order to be more competitive in the global markets and to provide the quality within the international norms.

In the year of 2010:

It has also succeeded to increase it recognition in Europe and Middle East by starting to produce the patterned flat sheet with 1500 mm width at its new factory for the first time in Turkey.

In the year of 2011:

AGIR Rolling Mill, establishing “Steel Service Center” in addition to its flagman-ship production of the patterned fleet sheet, was able to meet the demand of the customers for the black plates in the unique sense of quality as accustomed in the patterned flat sheet.

In the year of 2011:

It has awarded the title of 3rd biggest exporter in the flat steel sector by the IMMIB (Istanbul Exporters Union of Mining and Metals).

In the year of 2012:

AGIR Rolling Mill has continued its uninterrupted growth by acquiring shares of Kale Steel Co located in Osmaniye city.

In the year of 2014:

It has awarded the title of 2nd biggest exporter to the most countries by IMMIB (Istanbul Exporters Union of Mining and Metals).

In the year of 2014:

Our company making once again investment on iron & steel industry by starting to produce pipes and profiles has consequently brought its reputation formed over many years for trustful and quality brand name into the sector of pipes & profiles.

In the year of 2015:

It has secured its rank of 324th company of 2014 in 2015 as well.

In the year of 2016:

Our Company has started to produce pipe & profiles with 1,20 width so that it can meet the incoming demands by enlarging product range and capacity.