Slitted Roll

We serve our customer with the international norms without comprising the highest quality standards.

Stripping the rolls between 1,20 mm and 6,00 mm has been materialized at the slitting line in our Steel Service Center. We serve the sectors of cable channels, scaffolding form decks, fabrication and construction with our slitting line at minimum widths of 40 mm.

Slitting Capacity;

Thickness : Min. 0,50 mm, Max. 6,00 mm
Roll widths : Min. 100 mm, Max. 2000 mm
Inner diameter of roll widths : Min. 500 mm, Max. 700 mm
Inner diameter of slitted strip : 508 mm
Max. Roll Weight : 30 tons
Min. Strip Widths : 0,50mm-4,00mm ; 35mm / 4,00mm-6,00mm ; 45mm