Teardrop Patterned Steel Roll

Our factory manufactures steel rolls of checkered and diamond – chat patterned at the thickness from 1,50 mm up to 16,00 mm within the widths ranging from 1000 mm up to 1500 mm.

Our company creates a difference both in Turkey and in Europe by producing both the teardrop and diamond patterned steel rolls since diamond pattern is extensively used at the internal Turkish market whereas the teardrop pattern is more required in foreign countries.

Place and aim of usage: Black steel rolls, milled for the purpose of avoiding slickness of the steel rolls used in the base surfaces, has been eliminating skid hazards by increasing friction strength with the help of raised relief patterns in the surface of rolls formed during the process of rolling-mill. It is required to use patterned steel rolls; otherwise it would be unusable due to the surface condensation and soaking at the open-air areas which makes the surface of steel surface more skid hazard.

They are mostly used at fire-escape stairs, walking lines, ramps, machinery, wet floors of ship and shore side premises or vehicle, trucks and lorry’s haulage, stairs, doors of cupboard, and covering of outer facade or floor.